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Arte Digital Interactivo - Immerse Festival 2021

“El prisionero crió a un niño que era un ángel, que tiene 8 años. Corría por la ciudad dando milagros a la gente. Todos recibían tres deseos. Un día, el niño se encontró con un anciano de ojos sabios. Y el anciano deseaba volver a ser joven. Comenzaron a contar historias a sus padres sobre hadas. Las hadas intentaban salvar al mundo de la contaminación, los extraterrestres y el odio. Pero cuando las sombras de la noche comenzaron a moverse por la ciudad, me rodearon de amor y luces. No sentía miedo. Pero de repente aparecieron los vampiros, y la noche se llenó de oscuridad ... "

Esto es una brevísima muestra de la historia que creamos juntos en Immerse Fest 2021.

Open Scene innovando con artes escénicas, visuaes y tecnología para conectar a la gente! 


Dentro de nuestra realidad virtual se exhibieron las obras de siete artistas visuales: El Cacerío de Nélida Málaga (Argentina), Florecida de Yaneth Monsalve (Colombia), El Mundo de Selfismo de Selfismo (Cuba), Xochipili, Prince of Flowers de Patricia Cavazos (México), El Catalán de Boris Quino (Perú), Reina de Amor de Julio Sánchez (República Dominicana), y Lady Pan de JJ González Acosta (Venezuela).

La historia completa fue originalmente escrita en inglés por más de 200 personas. Disfrútala:

The prisoner raised a child that was an angel, who is 8 years old. He kept running around town, giving miracles to people. Everyone got three wishes. One day the child came across a very old man with wise eyes. And the old man wished to be young again. They began to tell stories to their parents about fairies. The fairies were trying to save the world from pollution and aliens, and hatred. But when the shadows of night start moving around the city, they surround me with love and lights. I felt no fear. But suddenly, the vampires appeared, and the night swarmed with dark.

There was excitement in Narnia. And the dwarfs left. Imagine! Where are they? Just step out of the closet, and now they're no longer cloth-minded. He saw so many wonders in the world. He saw big giants while he was exploring. He was scared of them. It was Jack and the Beanstalk. They spent a cold and lonely depressing night, eating melted ice cream and chewing gum at the same time. They couldn't find anything else to eat. After that night they became very fat. Then they found out about isometric exercising and the importance of native food.

If the words had been clearer, I wouldn't be here. Whether I should stay or go. I was confused by the light because it was the only thing inside.

There was a long pause, and then the captain came. He sang a lullaby. The lion from Narnia came down from the open heaven to free the captives that the seas drowned out.

He was mad with the horrific storm that was created by magical gnomes. He knew where he was heading, and the confusing streets of lights made him fall into a hole. He woke up in another dimension, where he jumped out of an airplane, and the parachute didn't open.

In the distance, through the smoke, I saw the light. I walked towards it slowly, not knowing what to expect. I knew this time it would be different. I don't want to say anything about it, and I hope what I thought would be true.

They did not come home because they were in the woods. But no, they were also at home. The other pirates were scared and crazy, and they ran to the flag, trying to watch some land where to find the treasure.

But it was a very dark and silent night. Soon there came the sound.

It was a cold night. And I wandered through the woods, and I saw a giant dog, and he was looking for his girlfriend.

The king wanted to make a difference in the world. So he gave everybody money and love, but he was doing it for his own benefit. Each time somebody uses that money and love, part of their soul would be given to the king.

The king was going to use all the money and love for a greater purpose. He wanted to use the souls for good things. And store them in an electronic wallet. He would like to purchase stocks with them to open doors for his future.

The old man promised Gold. Wisdom. Love. And want it to keep his friendships forever.

When I think of love, I always think of Kelly.

Inside the hall, there was a Zombie with red eyes, and she wanted pancakes. So, she went there and cooked it. The pancakes were out of blood and brains. And attracted more zombies.

Soon men would come up down the street, and they usually have some treasures for the kids. She was one of the kids, and she was a dreamer. She was hoping for a really big gift, but unfortunately, there were no gifts this time.

We simply can all go home together and watch Netflix. And eat popcorn and enjoy ourselves.

"I don't know!" - he yelled, confused.

In the meantime, I've been a dog owner, and I bonded with the dog, and we live forever together. The dog and I go to the park every day, and sometimes we go into the woods and walk along a crystal stream. And we had fun!

The boys were there that night, and they weren't expecting the skeletons to come alive. Then the unicorn started eating rainbows. His fellow unicorn friends came to join him, eating rainbows too. They built a fire, and the old camp was inhabited.

Suddenly a dinosaur appeared. Everybody started to run, but only one remained. There were some dogs, twenty to be exact, on the baseball field. The dog swung the bat hitting the ball, and scored a home run.

As the night deepened, wolves appeared and howled! We were scared, waiting for the prince to come and save us. Along the way, we found a tree of fruit. But I can't take on the spot like this.

Things were looking pretty, and now they're beautiful. As beautiful as they could be considering the circumstances. The risk was worth the reward.

He jumped, hoping that something soft would meet him at the bottom.

Three minutes later, he came back. "To what?!" – he said.

"To the castle, of course!" – she replied.

"Where are the king's guards?" – he asked.

"They're coming up the stairs from the dungeons."

It had not been snowing in my house in Miami for so long that I was mad that morning. A tree was growing in my house. That's crazy! Apples. Same. They built a fire in the mountains. An explosion. California. A big wave overtook the Carmel Golf Course.

"I don't advise you to eat too much." That's what my mom always told me, but I did it anyway.

- Me too – she said. Same.

There were many paths. One led to a barricade. The other led to untold riches, and the other to riches untold. Riches. With family. Inside the hall, I heard a dog and ran after it, and I jumped up and grabbed an airplane. And got inside. The flight ended, and I went to Florida and got some drinks, and I went to the beach and got a beautiful tan. Then I went home.

Just as breakfast was completed, I pulled on my coat but forgot my pants. I walked out the door and got into my automatic car, and drove to the mountains.

We stopped by the river to see the goats drinking water. Then we saw a big rainbow in the sky, but there were thunders in the distance. As the night deepened and the shadows came out, the purple cat came to say hello. He was offering me one gift. His smile was friendly, but he was hiding a dark secret. And little did I know that secret would change my life.

When he heard this, the night sky opened. The dogs started barking, And the dolphins began speaking. The dolphins said:

  • Lovely for you to join us here tonight.

  • I think the time has come for you to sit down and experience what life truly has to offer.

But when the shadows of night obscure the moonlight with people having sex in the cemetery, vampires watch indignantly, waiting for their turn to feast on the innocent and the enlightened.

All began with a castle made out of flowers, plants, lights, sausage, and pepperoni. The castle exists, and I'm surprised too. Mice live inside of the castle.

The flight ended in the Santorini breeze. The passengers got off the plane to see beautiful crystals everywhere and saw their loved ones walking around. Then they went to the ocean and enjoyed the marvelous morning sun. And spent a wonderful day on the beach. They ate and got indigestion. It seemed to be a part of something greater. Greater than the world that was ever created. Until we realized we were not the only ones.

As we journeyed deeper into our expedition, we found something remarkable.

As twilight drew on, I looked up at the trees and then into the sky. My heart started beating louder, and I could not believe the sight in front of me. As I listened to the wind, I wondered if it listened back to what I said.

The slow days drifted on forever and ever until there was nothing left. I don't know for how long. One day it just stopped when the sunrise came with never-ending possibilities. And a voice echoed: in the woods, you will have good luck forever, and you'll be skinny also forever with peace of mind and aliens.

The old lady walked down the street and saw beautiful flowers. She picked a bunch. She fell in love, and she went away flying. They separated but met again in the future, fell in love. But soon, one of them died.

She died in a car accident, and he died from a broken heart. As a matter of fact, she ended up at the Empire State building, and she went to the top and then fell to her death. Luckily, she was a fairy and had sprouted wings.

He thought all this and more that the world was a crazy adventure. And that he loves VR. But who is he? He is my life and my family as well. She was high, and she lost her spaceship, and now she is stuck here on Earth.

It had not been Christmas. Nor had it been New Year's Eve, but everyone was getting Christmas gifts. And with everybody getting Christmas gifts, we appreciated being able to be together. But when she heard the floorboard creak. She knew danger was coming.

She froze in fear and ran away.

"I don't advise you to give up," a voice was heard, "the road always brings good rewards. Keep on traveling, and always look around. Because you may find things you never expected."

Small things can become big things.  

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